Making London’s schools healthier

Making London’s schools healthier

Our Healthy Schools London programme aims to help children be healthy and happy. Victoria Borwick AM, Deputy Mayor of London explains more.

We all agree that a good education is vital to a young person’s future. Schools are also one of the biggest influences on a child’s health and social and emotional development. From meals at lunchtime and exercise in the playground to learning social skills and self-respect, it’s where children develop skills and habits for a healthy and happy life.

Today the Mayor and I welcomed children, teachers, governors and many others to City Hall to celebrate one year of the Healthy Schools London programme. It is a voluntary scheme that recognises and champions schools making a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of their students. It encourages a whole school approach that involves teachers, pupils, parents and the wider community.

Healthy Schools is about more than eating well and exercising. I have visited several schools that have used the programme to address bullying and increase pupil resilience.

By working with London’s boroughs, we want to build a programme that schools are proud to be part of and one that helps London’s children to be healthy, happy and successful. To date, over a third of London schools have joined the network, and more than 350 have received a Healthy Schools London Award.

As a school governor myself, I understand the benefits go beyond health. We know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can achieve more. That’s good for schools, good for children and good for London.

The Mayor and I would love to see every school in London become a Healthy School.